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14/03/14 - CASE STUDY: Sameday - Berlin to UK!


Dedicated vehicles offer the quickest possible transit times by road. NTS supply vehicles that "load and go" directly to the delivery destination.

This week one of our clients phoned with a problem. Urgent parts were required for an automotive production line, but were not ready until 08:00 CET the next morning in Berlin and were due on the production line in Hampshire at 23:30 UK time the SAMEDAY!

We positioned our vehicle the evening before collection, and were loaded and away by 08:30 CET. The vehicle was constantly monitored throughout its journey with regular updates supplied to our client. Our vehicle arrived onsite in Hampshire at 21:55 and completed delivery at 22:15.

We completed delivery in under 15Hrs door to door! Our client was delighted.

To find out more about our dedicated services please call us on: 0044 (0) 1233 637722

or email operations@nts-express.co.uk for a dedicated quote today!


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